August 16, 2011


Hello, I am officially in the blogging world!

I never thought that I would write a blog but, after going to a conference this past weekend (The Becoming Conference) I guess I decided that I wanted to try it out.

I chose the name Monday's Love for a variety of reasons.

  1. No one loves Monday's but, there is no reason not too.
  2. To show how our love of things changes weekly. Every Monday I could probably have a new love.
  3. Monday is a start to a new week and if I don't get to post any other time of the week, I always want to make time on Monday.
  4. Why not make a good time out of Monday?
So, on this blog I really would love to post clothing, furniture, and random thoughts that are in my mind.

Thank you to all who are going to read/follow me!

Sarah Ann

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