November 22, 2011


Hey ya'll. 

I've missed writing. I've been so busy with school and taking pictures for Bug Photography I haven't had time for anything. I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures. I really feel like God has led me to do this. It has definitely turned into my passion.

As most of you know for awhile I had been using my boyfriends SLR camera. I had been in need for one for quite some time!

 Last Tuesday as I was looking online I finally clicked the button 'put in cart' on Best Buy's page. The Canon Rebel T3i sat there until Thursday. I contemplated clicking the button 'finish order' for a few days. On Thursday as I was about to click it I decided to check one more place... Craigslist! As I opened it up I searched all Canon SLR cameras. And there is was. A brand new Canon 60D for a great deal! Soooooo.... I GOT IT!

BEST decision ever. I LOVE IT! It's perfect! 


A very happy girrow that got a beautiful camera and can't wait to show ya'll the amazing pictures it takes!

Sarah Ann