August 23, 2011

Constant Change.

I have already missed updating on Monday. ... BUT, it's Tuesday and I can update today. :)

I had a busy week. I work at an amphitheater in the box office. It is a really fun job but it can get really crazy at times. I worked there both Friday and Saturday. Kid Rock, and Blink 182 were playing.. not together lol. It is really cool to see the different crowds. The nicest of people I have had so far were for the Blink 182 concert.. the meanest is definitely country concert people. Man, they are meanies! Not probably what many would expect.

This week I took family photos for some people that I really LOVE! I always liked taking pictures and I absolutely loved how they turned out. I am so proud of them! I couldn't be more excited!
Below is a pic of me taking there pictures:

I had a day off yesterday which was amazing! I went over to my friend Ashleys. We swam, layed out, and went to the mall. I couldn't have been more happy with yesterday. I really needed a break. My days usually are filled with millions of things to do. Yesterday was just great to be able to RELAX.

In other recent news, 
my boyfriend went back to school Sunday. :( I cried most of Sunday. Although I know he will be back and he isn't that far away, it just is such a change to not have him here. I don't think he really understands why I miss him so much. He comes back every weekend. But, I'm a girl and I REALLY MISS HIM ALREADY.

I also REALLY DISLIKE storms and... It is about to storm. UGH. :(

Going to try to update again soon with more exciting information. For now, thats my life!

Sarah Ann

August 16, 2011


There are a variety of ways that the Lord has showed me patience and what a virtue it truly is. I could probably name more than 20 different ways that I have been showed the value of patience in the past week.

Patience noun
bearing of provocation,annoyance, misfortune, or pain, 
without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

Sometimes, it is harder for me to be patient than others.  But, always the hardest time for me to be patient is when I really want a piece of clothing. I know that kind of sounds dumb. But, when something isn't on sale and I really want it, it is SO hard for me to wait. I could probably go into a store any day of the week and be able to pick out 20 different things I would like to have. This, is why it is important that I always get things on sale.

About a month ago I found these black shoes that I wanted at Target. I tried them on, and absolutely loved them. They fit perfect, I could walk in them, and they were... 25 bucks. $25 may not sound like a lot to most but, if I know I could get them for cheaper there is no way I will get them. I sadly put them back on the shelf and walked away.

This past Sunday I was in Target again. As I saw the clearance sign for the shoes that said "85% off" I immediately scurried over there. The black shoes were there! Those cute adorable things that I could walk in. AND the best part was the price tag only said $6!! As I lifted each of them up looking at the size I suddenly realized that my size wasn't there. I quickly walked up and down the isle again but, nothing. No size 7 1/2. I was a little upset that the shoes I had been thinking about for a month were just not available anymore.

As I walked into Target on Monday to buy some bath items I decided to check one more time in the shoe section. As I walked over there I started up the isle and picking up the shoes to look at the sizes again. ...BEHOLD, the size I needed! The $25 shoe that was only $6! I couldn't of been more excited that my patience paid off.

Here are the shoes. 
Paired with a dress that was originally $80 that I got for $20!

I realized that the patience I know that God keeps teaching me made me so very happy!

Sarah Ann


Hello, I am officially in the blogging world!

I never thought that I would write a blog but, after going to a conference this past weekend (The Becoming Conference) I guess I decided that I wanted to try it out.

I chose the name Monday's Love for a variety of reasons.

  1. No one loves Monday's but, there is no reason not too.
  2. To show how our love of things changes weekly. Every Monday I could probably have a new love.
  3. Monday is a start to a new week and if I don't get to post any other time of the week, I always want to make time on Monday.
  4. Why not make a good time out of Monday?
So, on this blog I really would love to post clothing, furniture, and random thoughts that are in my mind.

Thank you to all who are going to read/follow me!

Sarah Ann