August 23, 2011

Constant Change.

I have already missed updating on Monday. ... BUT, it's Tuesday and I can update today. :)

I had a busy week. I work at an amphitheater in the box office. It is a really fun job but it can get really crazy at times. I worked there both Friday and Saturday. Kid Rock, and Blink 182 were playing.. not together lol. It is really cool to see the different crowds. The nicest of people I have had so far were for the Blink 182 concert.. the meanest is definitely country concert people. Man, they are meanies! Not probably what many would expect.

This week I took family photos for some people that I really LOVE! I always liked taking pictures and I absolutely loved how they turned out. I am so proud of them! I couldn't be more excited!
Below is a pic of me taking there pictures:

I had a day off yesterday which was amazing! I went over to my friend Ashleys. We swam, layed out, and went to the mall. I couldn't have been more happy with yesterday. I really needed a break. My days usually are filled with millions of things to do. Yesterday was just great to be able to RELAX.

In other recent news, 
my boyfriend went back to school Sunday. :( I cried most of Sunday. Although I know he will be back and he isn't that far away, it just is such a change to not have him here. I don't think he really understands why I miss him so much. He comes back every weekend. But, I'm a girl and I REALLY MISS HIM ALREADY.

I also REALLY DISLIKE storms and... It is about to storm. UGH. :(

Going to try to update again soon with more exciting information. For now, thats my life!

Sarah Ann

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